500 Card Club

Date : 17-9-2019
Time : 6.00pm - 9pm

On a cold , wet, night ,it is hard to get people out , but a solid core of players started playing 500, which continued until 9.30pm.  We played with different partners this time to give a mixture of experience to each table. Prior to beginning, I handed a copy of “N.Z. 500 Tournament Rules “ to everybody, which we hope to introduce when we have more tables of 4 players.  Ideally a minimum of 5 tables or 20 players . These games are timed at 10 or 12 mins, after which winners play the losers of a different table, with a prize at the end of the evening for the pair with the best score . In order to provide prizes, we will ask an entry fee of $5 per player, per night, so we can build up a fund.  In order to achieve all this, first  -  we need more players, so how about giving me a call, or speak to me at the Club, and secondly, I am going to need some help organising and so on. We hope to hold  another evenings play on Thursday the 17th September!
Look forward to hearing from some new players ,and thank you to the “stalwarts” who keep the idea going. Cheers Ron and Julia
 If you are interested please e/mail.    ronandjules@gmail.com or call Ph. 0210715928   or 5798472

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